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Friday, October 14, 2005


3 Decades of Corruption by Democrats in Springfield

In 2004-05 Corrupt/communal administration of Springfield has spend more then 4.4 Million Dollars on an ugly looking with substandard workmanship & equipment, “An Emergency Facility and Fire House” right next to the railway line. They have created an Environmental Problem and have put the life of the workers of this facility at risk along with the safety of the structure when the train comes to the town. They have lied in writing and are wasting public money on a Court cases that they are successful in stopping the Train from coming to the town, which is a pet project of Democrat Senator Lesniak. Every one knows it is a matter of months or may be 1-2 years when the train will be here.

In 2005 corrupt and racist administration can give permission to build on the open space, parking lots for the residents in a 45 year old apartment complex Mountainview Gardens owned by a Democrat Financier Zygmunt Wilf. He is an attorney, a real estate developer, a business tycoon and owner of Minisotta Viking Football Team. Remember Charlie Kushner the big business tycoon, real estate developer and a big financier to Democrats of NJ? Wilf can be more dangerous because he has a degree in Law also and knows how to misuse the Laws. Can hire a law Firm to answer a complaint by a resident for moral/ethical corruption by its administration. Can see shamelessly a resident sitting outside the Municipal Court, on hunger strike along with his 2 minor children and wife to demand justice.

They accepted $30,000.00 just few days before the elections in 2004 from a Multi Billion Dollars World Event PGA 05 for the Township of Springfield to be the host for that event. This will not cover even the basic civic/police services to be provided to the thousands of visitors’ coming/staying in the town for more then a week. In 2005 they allowed PGA Truck-trailers to pass from a residential lot on Ashwood to the Baltusrol Golf Club. No consent of the Ashwood or Sherwood residents was taken or they were informed of this noise pollution/risk to human life/their properties. The owner of this lot marked as PGA Truck Gate 3 Ziggi Wilf has received undisclosed amount of money. It is a mystery how the Police Chief gave his consent to this fraud and danger to the life/ properties of residents of Ashwood. PGA/Baltusrol have to explain how they got this entire deal so cheap, “who got what Favors, vacation trips, gifts, money, consulting contracts, Attorney fees in this whole deal”.

In 2005 a new post of Town Administrator was created for a unsucessful Democrat Attorney, one time Mayor to adjust him at the expense of tax-payers money. In 2006 gave permission to Zygmunt Wilf to blow up a beautiful Mountain by the Baptist Church to make luxury condominiums by flushing down all town Land use ordinances, Master plan, Zoning Laws and Environmental Concerns. In 2006 also they have created a new post Deputy Police Chief to help the Police Chief in collecting coins from the parking meters. This town also bost of having a Municipal Judge Firsichbaum who allows false witnesses, false evidences, unqualified translator false indepent observers, against a minority woman to save a fabitual traffic laws violator Steven Sobel from his community on the advise of his corrupt, racist, dishonest friend Counsel Keith Biebelberg. In his presence his community members can use the court room as their personal living rooms, his counsel friend Keith can give illegal orders to racist police officer Kahora to stop a 5 year old & 9 year old at gun point from meeting their mother during court recess when they are eating, drinking and hand feeding to have a party.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Devendra Makkar
973 416 1600 Fax: 973 416 1500
oct. 12, 2005

Hon. Councilwoman Clara Harelik
Twp. of Springfield
Fax: 973 912 2277 & 973 379 3198

Re: Terrorist Threat Made by You on 8-16-04 in the capacity of Mayor of Twp. &
Appointment of Mr. Edward Fanning as Town Administrator

Hon. Councilwoman Harelik:

Yester day in the Township Committee Meeting you threatened the undersigned with slander & defamation lawsuit on the matters of terrorist threats made by you on Aug. 16, 2004 that “I have annoyed too many people in the town. I may not like the end results.” You are a liar who is denying that you never made this threat after making it. Where were you to refute or deny it when this threat was reported to the Town Attorney Mr. Bruce Bergen on Sep. 20, 2004? May be you and Mr. Bergen thought they can put this matter under the rug? Mr. Bergen also has to do lot of explaining, his loyalty is to the corrupt and communal Council Members of your Party or towards the residents of the town? Did you refute or deny it when the same was reported to the Municipal Division Manager on Sep. 3, 2004, which brought this matter to the notice of Union County Judge Hon. Walter Barisonek? Since then so many times in our correspondences to the various state departments and to the township there is a mention to this particular threat. Did you refute it or deny it then? Why all of a sudden after more then a year you are making an immoral/unethical/communal threat of slander & defamation lawsuit again by misusing your position as a Councilwoman that too from the Chair of the Township Committee?

The end results you were talking on Aug. 16, 2004 were; Officer Kahora on Gun Point indulging in Police Brutality on my 2 minor children on Sep. 20, 2004? A liar, partisan, prejudiced, intimidating and a racist judge presiding over a unfair and illegal trial and giving a discriminatory judgment on Nov. 29, 2004 to support his corrupt, criminal and communal Attorney Friend, his false witnesses, liar and a habitual traffic laws violator client, false record/evidence maker all from his community? A liar, partisan, prejudiced, intimidating and a racist Police Chief supporting hate crimes, racial discrimination and threats to the lives & safety of my entire family and me and our property by few corrupt & racist members of his community known to him? When nothing was working he filed a false & fabricated complaints against me in July 2005 that I am an anti-national and indulging into terrorist activities? When my interrogation by State Police on July 18, 2005 failed to produce desired results, Officer Dauser on his instructions issued Racially Motivated Parking Summons on July 20, 2005. To his bad luck, Hon. Judge Bogosian of New Providence Court dismissed those on 9-15-05. Now he along with the entire administration and your Party is refusing to provide me the copy of the “Complaint Against Me To The State Police” despite numerous written requests.
Hon. Councilwoman Harelik
Oct. 12, 2005, Page 2

Besides being a liar, you are a sycophant and an un-secular person. It was very disgusting when you compared a just average may be slightly below average Edward J. Fanning, Esq. with a Legend Peter Jennings. Shame on you, Mr. Fanning who is heading towards his sunset and has failed to make a mark worth mentioning in the society and the state of New Jersey, how can you compare him with Peter Jennings? Do you have any idea how many years of honest, dedicated hard work while keeping the highest moral, ethical, secular and professional standards Peter Jennings has put in to become a Legend? Do you know how many Legends God produce in a Century?

Why don’t you admit, you/your corrupt and communal Party colleagues in the Township Committee wanted to bring in an old timer known to them as Town Administrator who can be manipulated easily? Mr. Edward Fanning certainly qualify being an Ex-Town Attorney and loyal to the people behind the curtain and to the present Committee Members who are controlling this town for more then 2 decades. That is the reason rules of 1 year probation and 5 year Experience in the similar post were abandoned for him. Rather he has been given an Insurance Policy, premium, penalties, bonuses and extra fringe benefits to be paid by the Taxpayers, “That he will not be removed from the Post of Town Administrator for Political Reasons for 3 years.” There is no dearth of morally, ethically and professionally corrupt attorneys like Keith Beibelberg who can make his firing from the job even for legitimate reasons look like Political Reasons, especially if they have a friend like Hon. Judge Firsichbaum in the Court. How can I forget you, Mr. Goldstein and Mr. Fanning all are practicing attorneys. I cannot say about Mr. Fanning for sure but I do know about you and Mr. Goldstein that both of you hardly cares about ethics, morality, honesty, integrity, secularism & professionalism. Are you going to give the same Insurance Policy to all the Employees of the Township?

According to you he is the only person who is willing to work for the Salary and Benefits refused by other qualified candidates for being too low. He is intelligent, knowledgeable, academically excellent and professionally excellent as an Attorney. Please explain why will he accept a job that he has no clue of or has not done it before and that too for far less money then he is making as a Successful Attorney (according to you)? I do not think Mr. Fanning is a Visionary or a Social Reformer or a Philanthropist or has deep love for the Residents of Springfield or wanted to do Charitable Work for nominal allowances for the benefits of the Community? What will you call the appointment of Mr. Edward Fanning, “A racist/corrupt move to promote corruption and racism in the town on a bigger scale or a move to reward mediocrity or personal loyalty?”

Thank you for your attention to these matters.
Very truly yours,
Devendra Makkar
cc: Hon. Mary Jane Cooper, Inspector General of NJ.
Hon. Peter Harvey, A.G. of NJ. Biased Crime Unit & Anti-Corruption Unit
Hon. Mayor & Council Members of Springfield Twp.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Rashmi & Devendra Makkar
973 416 1600 Fax: 973 416 1500

Sep. 13, 2005

Hon. Steven Firsichbaum, J.M.C.
Springfield Municipal Court

Re: Hate Crimes & Racial Discrimination by Springfield Administration and few
Residents close to the Elected/non-Elected officials of Springfield. & Your Honor’s Resignation Request/Demand Made to Hon. Chief Justice and to Your Honor on 12-10-04, 1-11-05, 5-18-5, 5-31-05, 6-17-05, 6-21-05, 6-24-05 & 7-28-05.

Honorable Sir:

With reference to the above matters, we would like to make a humble request for 20 minutes of Your Honor’s precious time to present our side of the story with some pictures and documents. These are the same pictures/documents that Your Honor has ignored to favor counsel Keith. We can prove it beyond any reasonable doubt that the Accident Report filed on May 21, 2004 by Officer Quirk was biased, prejudiced, unfair and racially discriminatory to us, to cover up the misdeeds of a habitual traffic laws violator Mr. Sobel and his counsel Keith is a fraud/criminal/communal.

The Court proceedings based on this report that too with false/tutored witnesses created after 13 weeks of the event, false/fabricated evidences created after 10 weeks of the event and provided to us after 15 weeks of the event, a wrong translator imposed on Mrs. Makkar and a non existent imaginary view obstruction specifically created for her by counsel Keith is the biggest fraud/gross injustice/discrimination Your Honor could have done to the victims a housewife, her minor son and her entire family in the name of Justice. Your Honor has tarnished the image of a Judge because Your Honor has all the information about frauds/lies/fabrications by counsel Keith.

The report made by Officer Quirk was challenged/complained right from day one (May 24, 2004) with his department Chief Chisholm, Your Honor, Mayor Harelik, Superintendent of State Police Colonel Fuentes and various other authorities. Unfortunately no one ever responded to those Complaints. Then there are so many unanswered questions like what was the need to create false witnesses, false independent observers, false evidences/estimates, imaginary non-existent view obstruction specifically created for Mrs. Makkar, wrong translator imposed on her, Mr. Makkar being made a Subpoena witness illegally, Mayor Harelik making a terrorist threat to Mr. Makkar, “he will not like the end results”, Police Brutality by Officer Kahora, Your Honor dismissing both expert reports after getting the fabricated report of counsel Keith few hours before the trial, Your Honor illegally dismissing 3 Motions for Your Honor’s own Recusal and Mistrial (in fact 4. Counsel Edward Kologi on Nov.19, 2004, unofficially made the 4th one. Whom Your Honor may have influenced to drop our case, which he did on a Sunday by fax at 5.20 P.M. at work) and then Your Honor gave a biased, prejudiced, unfair, partisan and discriminatory judgment, “No party can file appeal to this judgment”.
Page 2

Then there are more unanswered questions:
Why on June 21, 04 Mrs. Makkar was insulted/intimidated and made fun by Your Honor for her written request of June 7, 2004 for a translator? Why she is without a counsel, the other attorney is going to be the prosecutor also? May be Your Honor had already tried the case in some one’s Living Room?
Why the Court date was manipulated to Sep. 20th which was 4 months after the accident? May be to accommodate counsel Keith who does not appear in M. Cts.?
Why Mr. Sobel kept on filing Counter Complaints till July 7th, 2004 on the advise of his counsel Keith? Where as the accident took place on May 21, 2004.
Why Your Honor amended one his complaint on July 19, 04 which is illegal?
Why Insurance Field Inspection Report & Claim Approved for Honda was never provided to us? Why the Curriculum Vitae/qualifications of the witnesses were never provided to us? Why Mr. Makkar was made a Subpoena Witness illegally?
When Mrs. Makkar provided all of the above along with her 5 Years Driving Abstract on July 13, 2004. Why counsel refused to provide the 5 Years Driving Abstract of Mr. Sobel and made fun in writing of the Colorado Judge in Kobe Bryant case? The Colorado Judge allowed Kobe Bryant access to accuser’s sex history, on the same precedent a demand was made for Mr. Sobel’s driving record. Unfortunately Your Honor also ridiculed the Colorado judge in the Court to favor counsel Keith. Whereas being a junior judge Your Honor was under obligation to follow the precedent set by your senior, “Hon. Judge of Colorado”.
Why Your Honor ignored 3 direct Complaints to you and 9 Complaints to the court /counsel Keith that counsel Keith is doing all kinds of frauds by inventing and fabricating false witnesses, false evidences, non existent imaginary view obstruction, uncivilized/abusive language and his refusal to provide reciprocal discoveries, keeping a secret from the court about the no repairs at all to Honda?
Why on July 4, 2005 our SUV was picked for EGG TREATMENT when there were at least 10 more expensive vehicles parked within 200 feet of our SUV? Why this kind of an incident has not taken place since 2001 on Ashwood Rd.?
Why on July 7, 2005 rear WINDOW of our SUV was BROKEN, when there are at least 10 more expensive vehicles parked within 200 feet of our SUV? Moreover if one is coming from Mountain Ave. to Ashwood Rd. there are at least 15 more vehicles always parked outside before coming to our property. Why Illegal Fireworks next to our property? Why no such incidents of Window Breaking and Illegal Fireworks has taken place on Ashwood Rd. prior to July-Aug. 2005?
Why Mr. Makkar was interrogated by the State Police Sgt. David Chambers on July 18, 2005, on the false/fabricated/defamatory/insulting report of Springfield Police of July 15, 2005 that he is indulging in some kind of an anti national activities? This is the same State Police that never bothered even to acknowledge numerous complaints filed against Springfield Police since Aug.05, 2004.
Why on July 20, 2005 we were issued Summons for 2-6 A.M. No parking for our damaged SUV with posters all around? When there was other vehicles parked on the road facing our SUV? Some of the other vehicles can be seen at all times. Moreover Ashwood is not a major road and then on its west side it has a dead end.

Page 3

Again we would like to bring to Your Honor’s kind attention that Mr. Makkar was V.P. Operations of Satyasheil Motors (India) Pvt. Ltd. an auto repair facility in New Delhi, India from 1981 to 1988. This fact was brought to the notice with our letters to the Court/Counsel Keith on June 9, 2004, June 18, 2004 and Aug. 03, 2004.

Rather then getting any justice from Your Honor and the Honorable Court. Our entire family has been made the victims of gross injustice; hate crimes and racial discrimination done to us by the few Elected/Non-Elected Officials and their friends belonging to the majority community of Springfield. We do not deny the fact we believe you may also be indirectly involved in our victimization. All these individuals are a disgrace to this beautiful community whom we honor, respect and admire for their customs, values and their socio/economic/political achievements in America.

We believe Your Honor have answers to the majority/all of the unanswered questions raised in this letter. Still if Your Honor feels we have answers to any one of them, Your Honor can grant/award 20 minutes of Your Honor’s precious time at Your Honor’s convenience to present facts/documents/pictures in person for Your Honor’s review. That may be helpful to Your Honor in its decision to uphold the sanctity and integrity of the Court and the doctrine of “Equal Justice to All”. We still have some hope in Your Honor ability to take objective, fair and well-reasoned decision. Your Honor shall resign as the Judge of Municipal Court of Springfield to uphold the sanctity and integrity of the Courts. Your Honor will set an example of highest moral, ethical and legal standards in the history of Judicial System of America for the generations to come.

Thank you for Your Honor’s kind attention to these matters.

Respectfully submitted,

Rashmi & Devendra Makkar

cc: Ms. Mary Jane Cooper, Inspector General, State of New Jersey.
Hon. Chief Justice Deborah Poritz. Fax: 609 292 3320 & 609 984 6968
Hon. Joan Robinson Gross, P.J.M.C. Fax: 908 231 7632
The Conference of Mayors, 566 Mayors & 537 Municipal Judges. 6099899595

P.S. I would like to make a humble request to Your Honor Please advise your friends and Well-wishers not to send anonymous obscene, intimidating, abusive, racist letters and E-mails to defend Your Honor. They know where to reach me. They are most welcome to discuss the issues with me. Let them stand up like men, advice them to stop behaving like cowards/racist. Very truly yours, Devendra Makkar

Encl.: Summary of the conversation with counsel Edward Kologi. Nov. 19, 2004.
E-mail received on Aug. 24 & Sep. 11, 2005 sent by Mr. Anonymous.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Rashmi & Devendra Makkar

Aug. 22, 2005

Chief Mr. William Chisholm
Springfield Police
Fax: 973 912 0538

Re: Your Resignation from the Post of Police Chief of Springfield.
PGA Truck Gate 3 & M.V. Crash of 5-21-04 on Ashwood Rd.

Dear Mr. Chisholm:

Please be advised that nowhere in any of my correspondences I have ever written that, “I have 20 years experience in Law”. For your kind information I am a simple Economics Graduate from the University of Delhi in India. Your accusations of lies on my part being a law graduate and PGA Gate 3 in the Municipal Parking Lot to day around 7.00 A.M. shows your knowledge/ignorance of what we have been writing to you.

Then your comparison of my taking 3-4 truck deliveries of furniture in last 4 years to the thousands of trucks passing from PGA Truck Gate 3 in little over 10 days for a substantial financial gains to the owner of the property is a morally, ethically, professionally dishonest/corrupt comparison. I 100% agree with you that it is not your duty to enforce building codes and variance laws. But Commercial Traffic or any other traffic and professional/moral/ethical conduct of your officers and safety of the lives and properties of the residents of the town are part of your duties as a Police Chief?

A person like you who is well versed at least in police laws including traffic laws telling me a person can make a Commercial Access from a residential property to another private commercial property to facilitate constant free flow of commercial traffic for a substantial amount of money is Legal? That person does not need your/your departments’ permission or consent of the other residents with in 200 feet radius or needs a Variance from the Board of Adjustments of the Town? Is the biggest lie as well as morally, ethically and professionally corrupt answer one can hear from a Police Chief of a Town who is least concerned about the safety of the lives and properties of the residents on that street. This street has a dead end on one side, luckily for the residents the PGA Truck Gate 3 was almost towards that end so that every one can enjoy the noise pollution, threat to their lives and properties at odd hours and at all times. By telling me these Laws are not applicable on this particular individual because you personally know him, then he is a good friend of the politicians and judge of the town. You are proving my point that, “The Post of a Police Chief is a Political one”. Your only job is to say “Yes Sir” to your political bosses in the town who have installed you as Police Chief of the town?

We have been raising the issues of ethics, morality, honesty, integrity, secularism, non- partisanship, fiduciary duties and proprietary for the elected/non elected officials in Public Offices from last 1 year. So far it is not making sense to any one in Springfield.
Page 2

No one can hit a woman and her minor son in broad daylight. If it is un- intentional and an honest negligence on the part of the person who has done this, he/she must stand up and take responsibility and say sorry to that women and her entire family. If it is intentional and racially motivated that person must be punished as per the law of the land. Officer Quirk of your department should not have helped Mr. Steven Sobel in a cover up. Attorney Mr. Keith Biebelberg who is a resident of Springfield and known to all the elected/non elected officials, knowingly should not have defended him. Hon. Judge Firsichbaum should not have allowed prosecution of the victims by him on the basis of false witnesses Lisa Glennon, Leslie Kasten, Barry Farbstein, false documents by Dobbs Autobody, Mr. Dennis O’Day and imaginary view obstruction by counsel Keith, along with the help of a wrong translator Mr. Rajnikant Parikh and Brutal Police Officer Kahora in the presence of false independent observers and Ct. Admn. Mary Jo Banchansky and others. Mr. Keith also conspired with our counsel Landry Belizaire in a cover up. The judge giving a biased, unfair, partisan, racially discriminatory judgment, “That no party can file appeal to his judgment”. All these people are morally, ethically, professionally corrupt and communal. Then they have the blessings of the Elected Officials and You. This makes the Elected Officials and You more communal, corrupt, dishonest, unethical, and immoral because all of you have failed in your fiduciary duties to do what was right and stop this gross injustice and racial discrimination.

If we are asking for justice, we have been labeled “Unpatriotic” by your department in a complaint to the State Police. Under the very watchful eyes of your department our properties have been vandalized and damaged. Our children are being scared by illegal fireworks at late nights and very early mornings. We have received threatening, obscene and racist phone calls and letters. We have received racially motivated summons from Officer Dauser. Who singled out our SUV from lot of other cars which were parked and are always parked on Ashwood Rd. Council women Hon. Clara Harelik has the guts and courage to call a resident, “You have annoyed too many people in the town, you may not like the end results” when she was the Mayor. She had made this threat with full understanding and knowledge of law because she herself is an Attorney. She has no excuse to say she does not understand what she was saying over the phone. These are terrorist threats ignored by you. All the above named individuals including you, we suspect were behind our victimization to gross injustice in the Court and now the hate crimes and racial discrimination after the court verdict.

You cannot disown the unethical/immoral/unprofessional misconduct and racist biased of your own officers as well as your own failure in your fiduciary duties. It is a shame on You, Elected Officials and Hon. Judge Firsichbaum if some one was sitting outside their offices/chambers on a huger strike along with his 2 minor children and wife to demand justice. If you have any morality, ethics, honesty and integrity left, “You will resign as the Chief of Police of Springfield with immediate effect.

Respectfully submitted,
Devendra Makkar
cc: All concerned Individuals, Departments and all the elected officials of NJ.